How to donate a bear fare?

We are so grateful for all of your teddy bear and cuddly toy donations. But you can still help if you don’t have a toy to give. Every single teddy bear and toy needs a Bear Fare and we have hundreds of bears waiting to be flown to their new forever home. By donating just £3 for their Bear Fare you can put a smile on the face of lonely child who needs lots of love and cuddles.

Please click here to make a donation to Bearly Loved so that we can continue to send lover to children in difficult circumstances.

How to donate a bear

Step 1

Have a look under the bed or in the back of your cupboards for teddies and cuddly toys you no longer play with. 

Step 2

Then pop him in the washing machine to get him nice and clean for his journey. (Don’t worry, he’ll enjoy it, the bubbles tickle.)

Step 3

Don’t forget the Bear fare. Although a bear doesn’t need much space on an aeroplane, he still needs to pay for his Bear Boarding Pass. So we’d really appreciate a minimum donation of £3 to send your furry friend on his special journey.

Then contact us using the form below to find your nearest bear drop off point or for details on sending your furry friend to Bearly HeadQuarters.

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