From Bearly Loved founder Andrea Lea.

Back in 2012, I remember watching a programme about an orphanage, and it was heart breaking to see children so distressed and in need of love.  

Not long after, my daughter was tidying her bedroom. She had created a small mountain of teddy bears on the floor that she no longer played with. She said she was happy to send them to charity, but there was one she couldn’t let go of. A raggedy, tatty looking rabbit with holes in his ears called Baddit. He’d been her friend and comfort  through the challenging first seven years of her life. Born with complex health problems, my daughter spent the start of her life in intensive care. But always with Baddit beside her. He was her comfort and friend when she felt at her worst.

My daughter is now a teenager, and compared to many children she has it all; a home, family, friends, food clothes. But Baddit is something very special.

Baddit at home

Baddit at home

I thought back to the orphanage, and the children who have nothing. What if they all had their own special ‘Baddit’? The furry friend that they could hold in sad times, and help them feel safe at night? I decided I would send that mountain of teddy bears to the orphanage. And in 2013 Bearly Loved was born. 

Now it’s your turn to send an unwanted cuddly toy to a child who needs love.